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  • Pick up

    We leave from Athens after pick up from your hotel!!!

  • Acropolis

    First stop is the Acropolis

  • Plaka

    Drive through plaka’s small traditional streets

  • Adrian's arch

    Drive through plaka’s small traditional streets

  • Change of the guards

    Short stop in front of the parliament

  • Lycabetus hill

    Short stop at lycabetus hill

  • Panathenaic stadium

    Stop in front of Panathenaic stadium

  • Athens food market

    Drive through Athens food market

  • Back home

    Drop off at your hotel


10-12 HOURS




Discover the Mysteries of Delphi

Embark on a captivating journey from Athens to the legendary sanctuary of Delphi, where ancient myths and archaeological wonders converge. This full-day excursion promises to immerse you in the timeless allure of one of Greece’s most revered destinations.

Morning Departure:
Your adventure begins with a morning departure from Athens, as our comfortable coach winds its way through the picturesque Greek countryside. Sit back and enjoy the scenic drive, punctuated by glimpses of olive groves, vineyards, and ancient ruins along the route.

Scenic Drive and Coffee Break:
As we make our way towards Delphi, we’ll pause for a quick rest and coffee break, allowing you to stretch your legs and savor the tranquil surroundings. Take in the fresh mountain air and prepare for the enchanting experiences that await.

Arrival at Delphi:
Arriving at the foot of Mount Parnassus, you’ll be greeted by the awe-inspiring landscape of Delphi. Nestled amidst towering peaks and verdant valleys, this sacred site exudes an aura of mystique and reverence.

Visit to Ancient Delphi:
Embark on a guided exploration of ancient Delphi, where marble ruins and sacred monuments whisper tales of bygone eras. Wander through the remnants of the Temple of Apollo, where the enigmatic Oracle once uttered her prophecies, shaping the course of history. Follow the Sacred Way, lined with treasuries and monuments dedicated by ancient city-states, and marvel at the panoramic vistas that stretch to the horizon.

Delphic Museum:
Step into the Delphic Museum, where artifacts unearthed from archaeological excavations offer insights into the spiritual and cultural legacy of Delphi. Admire exquisite statues, intricate jewelry, and ceremonial vessels that illuminate the artistry and craftsmanship of ancient Greece.

Lunch Break:
Indulge in a leisurely lunch at a local taverna, where you can savor traditional Greek cuisine amidst stunning views of the Delphic landscape. Reflect on the wonders you’ve encountered and savor the flavors of the region.

Return Journey:
As the day draws to a close, bid farewell to Delphi and embark on the return journey to Athens. Relax and reminisce about the experiences shared and the mysteries unveiled during your unforgettable day trip to this legendary sanctuary.

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